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Research Objectives

We investigate clinical, epidemiological, pathological, molecular and genetic characteristics of urological diseases. Our goal is to improve urological healthcare, from the general practitioner to tertiary academic care.


The Department of Urology of the Erasmus University Medical Center, Rotterdam, is embedded in the dynamic, internationally competitive research community of  several clinical, translational and basic research groups. Our focus lies in Protate Cancer, Urothelial Cancer, Functional Urology, Andrology and Pediatric Urology. We have longstandig collaborations with multiple other acadamic centers, both internationally and at a national level, and host fruitful relationships with our industry partners. Our department is renowed for participation at the highest level to improve European Patient Guidelines.

Academic Excellence

Our motto: “research” = care. We aim to improve the diagnosis, treatment and outcome in patients with urologic diseases by translational, clinical and epidemiological research, and education of students and professionals. Providing excellent academic care at a tertiary level is in our DNA. Do you want to be part of our team, either as as aspiring researcher or student, don’t hesitate to send your contact information to one of our Principal Investigators.

The Department of Urology is placed in the Staff Tower (Na buidling), the Erasmus MC Cancer Institute (Be building) and in the research tower (Ee building). The Department Chair is Dr. Joost L. Boormans.

Latest news

Four video’s on recent PhD theses have been uploaded to our video page library

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Chemotherapie in spierinvasief blaaskanker

Chemotherapie voorafgaand aan verwijdering van de blaas vanwege spierinvasieve blaaskanker geeft een overlevingswinst op de lange termijn. Deze winst is...
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Extracellular vesicles research in urology and more

In the last months the Laboratory of Experimental Urology published a number of high impact papers on extracellular vesicles in...
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Radiolabeled nanobodies to detect and destroy urothelial carcinoma

The Daniel Den Hoed Foundation, Erasmus MC, awarded a research grant of €500,000 to Prof Guido Jenster (Urology) and Prof...
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Tumor testing for advanced bladder cancer to predict treatment efficacy

The Erasmus Mc Bladder Cancer Centre and VitroScan BV join forces on the EVITA project: “Tumor testing for advanced bladder...
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Towards the development of a catheter decision tool

The functional urology research group was awarded a ZonMw grant to perform a study that will lead to the development...
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