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We investigate clinical, epidemiological, pathological, molecular and genetic characteristics of urological diseases. Our goal is to improve urological healthcare, from the general practitioner to tertiary academic care.


The Department of Urology of the Erasmus University Medical Center, Rotterdam, is embedded in the dynamic, internationally competitive research community of  several clinical, translational and basic research groups. Our focus lies in Protate Cancer, Urothelial Cancer, Functional Urology, Andrology and Pediatric Urology. We have longstandig collaborations with multiple other acadamic centers, both internationally and at a national level, and host fruitful relationships with our industry partners. Our department is renowed for participation at the highest level to improve European Patient Guidelines.

Academic Excellence

Our motto: “research” = care. We aim to improve the diagnosis, treatment and outcome in patients with urologic diseases by translational, clinical and epidemiological research, and education of students and professionals. Providing excellent academic care at a tertiary level is in our DNA. Do you want to be part of our team, either as as aspiring researcher or student, don’t hesitate to send your contact information to one of our Principal Investigators.

The Department of Urology is residing in the Staff Tower (Na building, 15th floor), the Erasmus MC Cancer Institute (Nt building, 2nd floor) and in the Josephine Nefkens Institute (Be-building, 3rd floor).

The Department Chair is Prof. Dr. Joost L. Boormans.

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Erasmus MC actively including patients in Dutch Bladder Cancer Biorepository

Erasmus MC is the most actively engaged center in a Dutch Bladder Cancer Biorepository (https://www.probci.nl/), contributing significantly to advancing scientific...
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New publication: Research protocol to identify progression and death amongst patients with metastatic hormone-sensitive prostate cancer treated with available treatments: PIONEER IMI’s “big data for better outcomes” program

Abstract Juan Gomez Rivas 1, Rossella Nicoletti 2, Laura Ibáñez 1, Carl Steinbeisser 3, Bertrand de Meulder 4, Asieh Golozar 5, Susan Evans Axelsson 6, Robert Snijder 7, Anders Bjartell 6, Philip Cornford 8, Mieke Van Hemelrijck 9, Katharina Beyer 9, Peter-Paul Willemse 10, Teemu Murtola 11, Monique...
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New publication: Regional variation in urinary catheter use in the Netherlands from 2012 to 2021: a population-based cohort

Abstract Felice E E van Veen 1, Jeroen R Scheepe 2, Bertil F M Blok 2   Objectives: Our aim was to evaluate trends and regional...
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New publication: Darolutamide added to docetaxel augments antitumor effect in models of prostate cancer through cell cycle arrest at the G1-S transition

Abstract Stefan A J Buck 1, Annelies Van Hemelryk 2, Corrina de Ridder 2, Debra Stuurman 2, Sigrun Erkens-Schulze 2, Sem Van 't Geloof 2, Wilma J Teubel 3, Stijn L W Koolen 2, Elena S...
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New publication: Early Detection of Prostate Cancer in the European Union: Combining Forces with PRAISE-U

Abstract Hendrik Van Poppel 1, Monique J Roobol 2, Arunah Chandran 3 The European Association of Urology, together with consortium partners, has launched PRAISE-U (Prostate...
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CHASIT Studie uitgelicht bij UroToday in de rubriek ‘Beyond the Abstract’

Sequential Chemo-Immunotherapy in Patients with Locally Advanced Urothelial Cancer – a Non-Randomized Phase II Clinical Trial - Beyond the Abstract...
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Prognostic Factor Risk Groups for Clinical Stage I Seminoma: An Individual Patient Data Analysis by the European Association of Urology Testicular Cancer Guidelines Panel and Guidelines Office

Abstract Joost L Boormans 1, Richard Sylvester 2, Lynn Anson-Cartwright 3, Rachel M Glicksman 4, Robert J Hamilton 3, Ezra Hahn 5, Gedske Daugaard 6, Jakob Lauritsen 6, Thomas Wagner 6, Barbara Avuzzi 7, Nicola Nicolai 8, Xavier García Del Muro 9, Jorge Aparicio 9, Odile...
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Prostate Cancer Mortality Among Elderly Men After Discontinuing Organised Screening: Long-term Results from the European Randomized Study of Screening for Prostate Cancer Rotterdam

Abstract Ivo I. de Vos, Sebastiaan Remmers, Renée Hogenhout, Monique J. Roobol, ERSPC Rotterdam Study Group Background: The optimal timing for...
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New publication: Relationship Between Baseline Prostate-specific Antigen on Cancer Detection and Prostate Cancer Death: Long-term Follow-up from the European Randomized Study of Screening for Prostate Cancer

Abstract Sebastiaan Remmers 1, Chris H Bangma 2, Rebecka A Godtman 3, Sigrid V Carlsson 4, Anssi Auvinen 5, Teuvo L J Tammela 6, Louis J Denis 7, Vera Nelen 8, Arnauld Villers 9, Xavier Rebillard 10, Maciej Kwiatkowski 11, Franz Recker 12, Stephen...
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New publication: Transcutaneous Electrical Stimulation of the Abdomen, Ear, and Tibial Nerve Modulates Bladder Contraction in a Rat Detrusor Overactivity Model: A Pilot Study

Abstract Rosa L Coolen 1, Dennis Frings 1, Els van Asselt 1, Jeroen R Scheepe 1, Bertil F M Blok 1 Purpose: The global prevalence of overactive bladder (OAB) is...
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Grant approval: Amphia hospital and Erasmus MC collaborate to investigate screening in NMIBC patients

The department of Urology of the Erasmus MC and the department of Urology of the Amphia Ziekenhuis Breda have started...
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New publication: Pelvic lymph node dissection for cervical or bladder cancer: embedding residual fat tissue offers no added value

Abstract Jasmijn Vaneman 1, Heleen J van Beekhuizen 1, Joost L Boormans 2, Patricia C Ewing-Graham 3, Geert J L H van Leenders 3, Ramon G V Smolders 1, H Lena C...
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New publication: Artificial Intelligence in Digital Pathology for Bladder Cancer: Hype or Hope? A Systematic Review

Abstract Farbod Khoraminia 1, Saul Fuster 2, Neel Kanwal 2, Mitchell Olislagers 1, Kjersti Engan 2, Geert J L H van Leenders 3, Andrew P Stubbs 3, Farhan Akram 3, Tahlita C M Zuiverloon 1   Bladder...
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New publication: Variation of diagnosis and treatment of catheter-associated urinary tract infections: an online survey among caretakers involved

Abstract Tess van Doorn 1, Sophie A Berendsen 2, Rosa L Coolen 2, Jeroen R Scheepe 2, Bertil F M Blok 2 Background: The diagnosis of a clinically significant...
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New publication: Early Detection of Prostate Cancer in the European Union: Combining Forces with PRAISE-U

Abstract Hendrik Van Poppel 1, Monique J Roobol 2, Arunah Chandran 3 Background: The European Association of Urology, together with consortium partners, has launched PRAISE-U...
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New publication: From Screening to Mortality Reduction: An Overview of Empirical Data on the Patient Journey in European Randomized Study of Screening for Prostate Cancer Rotterdam After 21 Years of Follow-up and a Reflection on Quality of Life

Abstract Renée Hogenhout 1, Sebastiaan Remmers 2, Marlies E van Slooten-Midderigh 2, Ivo I de Vos 2, Monique J Roobol 2; ERSPC Rotterdam Study Group 2 Background: Previous research quantified the effect...
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New publication: The transition from transrectal to transperineal prostate biopsy without antibiotic prophylaxis: Cancer detection rates and complication rates

 Abstract Background: Currently, transperineal prostate biopsy (TPB) is preferred over transrectal biopsy (TRB) because of less infectious complications and improved clinically...
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New publication: Long-term beneficial effects of mirabegron in pediatric patients with therapy-refractory neurogenic lower urinary tract dysfunction

 Abstract Introduction: Neurogenic lower urinary tract dysfunction (NLUTD) in children can cause renal failure and urinary incontinence if not treated sufficiently....
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New publication: Performance of MRI-based Prostate Cancer Risk Calculators and decision strategies in two large European medical centres

 Abstract Objectives: To compare the performance of currently available biopsy decision support tools incorporating magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) findings in predicting...
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New publication: The Diagnostic Accuracy of Cystoscopy for Detecting Bladder Cancer in Adults Presenting with Haematuria: A Systematic Review from the European Association of Urology Guidelines Office

 Abstract Context: Haematuria can be macroscopic (visible haematuria [VH]) or microscopic (nonvisible haematuria [NVH]), and may be caused by a number...
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