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Research Objectives

We investigate clinical, epidemiological, pathological, molecular and genetic characteristics of urological diseases. Our goal is to improve urological healthcare, from the general practitioner to tertiary academic care.


The Department of Urology of the Erasmus University Medical Center, Rotterdam, is embedded in the dynamic, internationally competitive research community of  several clinical, translational and basic research groups. Our focus lies in Protate Cancer, Urothelial Cancer, Functional Urology, Andrology and Pediatric Urology. We have longstandig collaborations with multiple other acadamic centers, both internationally and at a national level, and host fruitful relationships with our industry partners. Our department is renowed for participation at the highest level to improve European Patient Guidelines.

Academic Excellence

Our motto: “research” = care. We aim to improve the diagnosis, treatment and outcome in patients with urologic diseases by translational, clinical and epidemiological research, and education of students and professionals. Providing excellent academic care at a tertiary level is in our DNA. Do you want to be part of our team, either as as aspiring researcher or student, don’t hesitate to send your contact information to one of our Principal Investigators.

The Department of Urology is placed in the Staff Tower (Na buidling), the Erasmus MC Cancer Institute (Be building) and in the research tower (Ee building). The Department Chair is Dr. Joost L. Boormans.

Latest news

EAU 2023 Milan

Erasmus Urology research team at EAU 2023 At this year’s European Association of Urology congress in Milan, our team of...
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New publication: The Patient Journey from Randomization to Detection of Prostate Cancer and Death: Results from ERSPC Rotterdam

Abstract Sebastiaan Remmers, Daan Nieboer, Monique J. Roobol Background The ERSPC study has demonstrated that prostate-specific antigen (PSA)-based screening results in...
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New publication: Prostate cancer risk assessment by the primary care physician and urologist: transabdominal- versus transrectal ultrasound prostate volume-based use of the Rotterdam Prostate Cancer Risk Calculator

Abstract Ivo I de Vos 1, Frank-Jan H Drost 1, Leonard P Bokhorst 1, Arnout R Alberts 1, Martine van Gelder 2, Erik M Herman 3, Wouter D Boswinkel 4, Chris H Bangma 1, Monique J...
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An interview with Dr. Joost Boormans; ‘Even plassen volstaat om blaaskanker uit te sluiten’

Dr. Joost Boormans, urologist and head of the Department of Urology at the Erasmus MC, was interviewed by DOQ about...
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New publication: Interaction of MRI and active surveillance in prostate cancer: Time to re-evaluate the active surveillance inclusion criteria

Abstract Lionne Df Venderbos , Henk Luiting , Renée Hogenhout , Monique J Roobol  Currently available data from long-running single- and multi-center active surveillance (AS) studies...
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One picture says more than a thousand words

-this article continues in Dutch- Uroloog Tahlita Zuiverloon (Erasmus MC Blaaskankercentrum) en projectleider Jozien Helleman zijn kartrekkers van de vernieuwde...
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New publication: Androgen receptors in the forebrain: A study in adult male cats

Abstract Androgens and their receptors are present throughout the body. Various structures such as muscles, genitals, and prostate express androgen...
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New publication: Shifting risk-stratified early prostate cancer detection to a primary healthcare setting

Abstract Objective: To evaluate the feasibility of multivariable risk stratification for early prostate cancer (PCa) detection in a primary healthcare diagnostic...
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New publication: Isolation-free measurement of single urinary extracellular vesicles by imaging flow cytometry

Abstract Urinary extracellular vesicles (uEVs) are promising biomarkers for various diseases. However, many tools measuring uEVs rely on time-consuming uEV...
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New publication: A Multivariable Approach Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging to Avoid a Protocol-based Prostate Biopsy in Men on Active Surveillance for Prostate Cancer-Data from the International Multicenter Prospective PRIAS Study

Abstract Background: There is ongoing discussion whether a multivariable approach including magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) can safely prevent unnecessary protocol-advised repeat...
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Stappenplan aanleren zelfzorg stomaverzorging

Vanuit het SMILE onderzoeksprogramma van de Hogeschool Rotterdam (dit programma richt zich op verpleegkundigen en verzorgenden die het zelfmanagement van...
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New publication: Patient-Derived Xenografts and Organoids Recapitulate Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer with Sustained Androgen Receptor Signaling

Abstract Background: Castration-resistant prostate cancer (CRPC) remains an incurable and lethal malignancy. The development of new CRPC treatment strategies is...
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Dissertation Joep de Jong: Deploying Molecular Alterations in Bladder Cancer

On November 17, Joep de Jong defended his thesis: Deploying molecular alterations in bladder cancer. In this video, he provides...
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New publication: Shifting risk-stratified early prostate cancer detection to a primary healthcare setting

Abstract Background: The guidelines for Dutch general practitioners (GPs) recommend referring men with prostate-specific antigen (PSA) ≥3.0 ng/mL to secondary care...
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IKNL Nieuwsbrief

Movember: internationale aandacht voor prostaat- en teelbalkanker. Hier de link naar de nieuwe IKNL nieuwsbrief: IKNL
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Ontrafeling DNA blaaskanker brengt nieuwe behandeling dichterbij

DNA-profiel blaaskanker opent weg naar nieuwe behandelingen Wetenschappers van onder andere de afdeling Urologie van het Erasmus MC Kanker Instituut...
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New publication: External validation of the Rotterdam prostate cancer risk calculator within a high-risk Dutch clinical cohort

Abstract Purpose: This study aims to externally validate the Rotterdam Prostate Cancer Risk Calculator (RPCRC)-3/4 and RPCRC-MRI within a Dutch...
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New publication: Active Surveillance for Men Younger than 60 Years or with Intermediate-risk Localized Prostate Cancer. Descriptive Analyses of Clinical Practice in the Movember GAP3 Initiative

Abstract Background: Active surveillance (AS) is a management option for men diagnosed with low-risk prostate cancer. Opinions differ on whether...
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New publication: A Urine-based Genomic Assay Improves Risk Stratification for Patients with High-risk Hematuria Stratified According to the American Urological Association Guidelines

Abstract Background: According to the recent American Urological Association (AUA) guideline on hematuria, patients are stratified into groups with low, intermediate,...
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New publication: Serum PSA-based early detection of prostate cancer in Europe and globally: past, present and future

Abstract In the pre-PSA-detection era, a large proportion of men were diagnosed with metastatic prostate cancer and died of the...
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