Academic Center of

Urogenital Tumours

An Erasmus environment for research, clinical activities, and eductation

 The Academic Centres at Erasmus University MC are cross sectional collaborative groups of scientists, clinicians, and educators around one theme. The AC Urogenital Tumours has been initiated in 2016 by the departments of Urology, Pathology, Radiotherapy, and Medical Oncology.

The Academic Center for Urogenital Tumours of Erasmus MC represents scientists and medical professionals that integrate basic, translational and clinical research, education and care at the Erasmus MC around the theme Urogenital Tumours.

Academic Centers of excellence were initiated in 2016 to become the trigger points for innovation and improvements in science and technology to improve patient care.

The AC Urogenital Tumours has been founded by four Erasmus MC departments, Pathology, Radiotherapy, Medical Oncology, and Urology. Participating scientists from various other departments join in this open and dynamic society for those that prioritize their interest and work in improving the outcome of prevention and treatment of UT. Exchange of knowledge, sharing ideas, and critical review of results are central, as well as finding novel opportunities. Promising young scientists are given special support to build their academic careers.

Membership of an Academic Centre is a prerequisite for an academic appointment at Erasmus MC



• Quarterly sessions for exchange of scientific information and management

• Quarterly creative sessions with representatives of the national patient advisory boards

• Annual weekend for discussions on content and strategy

• Construction of the regional biobank overview and Annual Report

• Selecting of new candidates for the Young Scientist initiative

• Involving new basic scientists

• Build and improve the technologic research collaboration with the Technical University Delft

• Linking with relevant ACs within Erasmus MC (innovations in Surgery, Genetics, biomarkers, …)

• Supporting bioinformatics and computational biology expertise

• Inventory of teaching activities, and definition of their relation with ongoing research


Contact (for Annual Report):

Ms Diana Brusik, secretary administration (