Chris Bangma MD, PhD



Chris Bangma MD, PhD

Chris Bangma MD, PhD

Professor dept. Urology

Professor of urology. Personal Erasmus chair dedicated to Value Based Health Care. Professional specialty : oncology

You can read about my project(s) here:

Outcome related health care financing. Regional project driven by the Dutch government together with the Anser prostate cancer network, health insurance companies, Dutch health care authorities, patient advocacy groups, and Erasmus University institute for health care management and policies. The project studies the patient reported and clinical health care outcome as a trigger for costs reimbursement in order to reduce overdiagnosis of low risk prostate cancer, side effects of diagnostic and therapeutic interventions, and cost efficacy. 2021-2023

Urinary Biomarkers

The framing of the genetic landscape

Unraveling the genomic landscape of metastatic prostate cancer. A prospect on patient stratification using blood-based biomarker.

Fluorescence imaging during abdominal surgery

Fluorescence imaging during abdominal surgery. Real-time imaging of ureters and malignancies. Doctoral thesis of dr. Kim Samita de Valk.