Grant approval: Amphia hospital and Erasmus MC collaborate to investigate screening in NMIBC patients

The department of Urology of the Erasmus MC and the department of Urology of the Amphia Ziekenhuis Breda have started an alliance some time ago to intensify clinical and scientific collaboration. Clinical collaborations have intensified in May of this year by the dual appointment of dr. K.E.M. van Kessel as a Urologist is both hospitals. We are very grateful that the initiation of collaborative research between both hospitals is now supported by the Amphia Wetenschapsfonds. As a result, we have been awarded a grant by the Amphia Wetenschapsfonds.With this grant we will be able to start our new study called ‘DOCTOR’.

This acronym stands for: Duurzaamheid en dOelmatigheid van CT diagnostiek in de fOllow-up van patiënten behandeld voor niet-spierinvasieve blaaskankeR. In this study we will investigate the intensity of screening of the upper urinary tract for recurrence of disease during the follow-up of patients treated for non-muscle invasive bladder cancer. The majority of this data will be collected in the Amphia Ziekenhuis, the remaining data will be collected at the Erasmus MC and Bravis Ziekenhuis. Our primary goal is to gain complete insight in the amount of diagnostic CT scans and the costs and yield of these scans. For the future, we expect to safely reduce the intensity of screening for a large proportion of patients.


Oct 6, 2023