Job listing: Postdoctoral Researcher IMPASSE study

Job description

The candidate will be part of the Erasmus MC Urothelial Cancer Research Group (EUCRG) and will be working on patient data and biomaterials collected from the national prospective IMPASSE study. The IMPASSE study aims to improve bladder cancer patient stratification in collaboration with the diagnostic company InnoSIGN by using their OncoSignal platform. Secondly, the project aims to investigate previously identified novel druggable gene candidates by performing ex vivo drug screens on patient-derived organoids (PDOs) and an in-depth analysis of response to treatment. The final objective of the project is to setup a proof-of-concept clinical trial in which PDO-guided treatment recommendation is offered to urological patients. Multiple techniques will be used for execution of the project, such as ex vivo culturing of PDOs, image mass cytometry, next-generation sequencing, incuCyte analyses, light sheet microscopy.

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Aug 2, 2022