New publication: Androgen receptors in the forebrain: A study in adult male cats


Androgens and their receptors are present throughout the body. Various structures such as muscles, genitals, and prostate express androgen receptors. The central nervous system also expresses androgen receptors. Androgens cross the blood-brain barrier to reach these central areas. In the central nervous system, androgens are involved in multiple functions. The current study investigated in which forebrain areas androgens are expressed in the male cat. Androgen receptor immunoreactive (AR-IR) nuclei were plotted and the results were quantified with a Heidelberg Topaz II + scanner and Linocolor 5.0 software. The density and intensity of the labeled cells were the main outcomes of interest. The analysis revealed a dense distribution of AR-IR nuclei in the preoptic area, periventricular complex of the hypothalamus, posterior hypothalamic area, ventromedial hypothalamic, parvocellular hypothalamic, infundibular, and supramammillary nucleus. Numerous AR-IR cells were also observed in the dorsal division of the anterior olfactory nucleus, lateral septal nucleus, medial and lateral divisions of the bed nucleus of the stria terminalis, lateral olfactory tract nucleus, anterior amygdaloid area, and the central and medial amygdaloid nuclei. AR-IR nuclei were predominantly observed in areas involved in autonomic and neuroendocrinergic responses which are important for many physiological processes and behaviors.


Jan 26, 2023