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We are sharing with you short videos from our research projects to give an insight at a glance with a variety of concepts: Dissertation at a glance,  research outcomes, project descriptions, etc.,

EU Post (Erasmus Urology Post) - Episode 1 - By dr. J. L Boormans

The Erasmus MC Urothelial Cancer Research Group conducts research into the molecular biology of cancer of the urinary tract, aiming for a clear translation into the clinical applicability of the results of our research. Through translational research, we focus on:

1) early detection of urinary tract cancer

2) risk stratification of tumors of the urinary tract

3) patient selection for new and existing anti-cancer treatments

4) development of new targeted therapies


Dr. J.L. Boormans MD PhD says, “In this video, I give a brief overview of the disease and our ongoing research into this difficult to treat tumor type. If you would like to donate to support our research, you can!”

The framing of the genetic landscape

Unraveling the genomic landscape of metastatic prostate cancer. A prospect on patient stratification using blood-based biomarker. Dr. Lisanne francisco van Dessel, and Prof. Chris Bangma

Fluorescence imaging during abdominal surgery

Fluorescence imaging during abdominal surgery. Real-time imaging of ureters and malignancies. Doctoral thesis of dr. Kim Samita de Valk, supervised by Prof. Chris Bangma.

Prostate cancer screening and active surveillance

Magnetic resonance imaging and multivariable risk-stratification in prostate cancer screening and active surveillance.
Can we increase survival without too much harm?
Doctoral thesis of Daniel Osses supervised by Profs Monique Roobol and Gabriel Krestin.

Shared decision making

Achieving well-balanced treatment decisions for patients with prostate cancer.
Doctoral thesis of Isabel de Angst supervised by Profs Chris Bangma and Hanneke Takkenberg.